Windsor Road

Forest Gate, 2018

A DIY project by the two directors of Astrain Scheldt - this Victorian terraced ‘bijou’ house needed to be bright, contemporary, warm and cohesive - complimenting the original architecture of the house. As the property is modest in size, it was essential to maximise daylight using rooflights, and the material palette needed to be bright and reflective.

Earthy green tones were introduced to enhance the connections between the interior and the garden, and birch plywood was used for warmth and rawness. Touches of black and white as well as Carrara marble compliment the original features of the house, such as the fireplaces and the chequered black and white tiles which would have originally accommodated the kitchen of the adjoining double fronted house.


Contractor: Val Demhasaj
Structural Engineer: Constructure
Photography: Richard Chivers